Christmas 2019

Pot of tea and plate of cakes and biscuits

25 December 2019, community Christmas: tea, cake and a chat.

We welcomed a family of three who live now in Kingsbury, north London, originally from Tehran, and a local couple who come to the monthly Saturday poetry group held at the Meeting House. Five regular attenders/ members and family set up, hosted and put away.

The atmosphere was warm and happy. I heard gentle chatter for the entire two hours punctuated with short piano and recorder pieces, and group Christmas song singing.

I think everyone enjoyed it and felt there was something valuable about being there, particularly the family now from Kingsbury. We did enjoy the banana bread!

We may repeat it next Christmas — let us know if you would like to be kept informed.

Front door of Friends meeting house with figure
Interior of meeting house. Small tables with chairs round each.